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Fox Adventurer

Here is my submission for this months theme, #FoxAdventurer

If you're thinking to yourself, "Damn, that sure looks similar to a certain photo of a super cute fennec fox, braving the windy sand dunes, that I see popping up on the internet from time to time". Well, you would be correct. If you also happened to be thinking "oh, that looks like my Vulpera from WoW", you would also be somewhat correct. I've wanted to put these ideas together for a some time, so when I saw that CDC's theme was Fox Adventure, well I knew it was time to pull this off the WIP pile and sink a bit of time and love into it.

This little cuteness has a keen interest in shiny rocks, fossils, and pretty trinkets. They have made a pretty decent living roaming the never ending sands in search of new jewels to uncover. From pillaging long lost tombs to spelunking deep caves, no rock is left unturned.

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Wip with ref photo.

Wip with ref photo.